Hello! I am Angie Petersen-Green

I have gained some new followers and friends and y’all may not know my story!

Thank you for being here! Welcome to my life where I face it all to show you it’s possible! To inspire you! To enlighten you! To support you! To guide you! To cheer for you! To make you laugh! To pick you up when you fall!

I’m a mom to my beautiful 19-year-old daughter who recently moved to Australia 🦘 to go explore the world.

I’m the lone wolf who has spiritually gone rouge, blazed her own trails more times than I can count, and just like many of you I’ve had my fair share of triumphs and mishaps. Throughout every mishap I stumbled for a little only to fall but I’ve picked myself up and dusted myself off never to fail.

Throughout my journey, it required disconnecting from individuals only to reconnect with myself again. I’ve questioned my worth, my place in this world and then been shown how worthy I truly am!

I have been taken advantage of, betrayed, abandoned, rejected and destroyed in thousands of ways, and now I know a thousand ways to rebuild myself.

The message I am trying to convey is RESILIENCE. Understanding and knowing that the trials and tribulations we encounter make us stronger and help us grow

and that we are all worthy of LOVE, but we fully need to LOVE & HONOR ALL OF US (flaws too!) first and foremost.

I believe in walking the talk. I’ll never deny my life is ever perfect and that I don’t have personal issues that come up from time to time. I am a spiritual person and I bring this into my work. I love being on this path while sharing this with incredible souls. Watching others heal and grow into who they truly are on a spiritual level fills my heart. 💕

I believe that everyone should have a seat at the table to be raw, ugly (even if you have to with snot burgers) lol... and feel through the anger, frustration and sadness we all go through (this goes for men too). Might I add... I find it incredibly sexy when a man can be vulnerable enough with his emotions that he’ll let his guard down. The inner work of healing isn’t about doing or achieving. It’s about undoing past conditioning and doing what’s best for YOU.

You can find me enjoying a cup of coffee on a cool crisp morning with the windows open listening to the sounds of nature reading a book to having quiet time meditating, and since I grew up in the 80’s you’ll find me on a nice day with the windows rolled down jamming to anything from Snoop Dog, Boyz II Men, or Ginuwine or you may also find me in my home office, or out at a networking event or deeply enthralled in all

things metaphysical.

For years I battled with emotional pain, PTSD, trauma (medical, emotional, money) along with generational trauma that wasn’t even mine to take. At times the pain, rejection and abandonment were so debilitating, you’d find me in bed not wanting to thrive. My health was extremely poor as I weighed in at a whopping 303 pounds at my heaviest and a mental health state that left me so depressed and misdiagnosed with a bipolar diagnosis.

My favorite color Is John Deere green. 🚜 Now you have Joe Diffie’s song playing in your mind. Thank me later. Lol. My celebrity crush is still Shemar Moore 🔥, I hate the little white things attached to an egg yolk, so I’ll pick it out….I of course had to find the proper name which is CHALAZA. Now doesn’t that make you want to 🤮?? Yes I know I am special!

We might have some things in common and I can help you if:

♦️ You know what it’s like to suffer a lot of loss in your life and want to stop suffering.

♦️ You know what it’s like to go through life transitions of change and feel overwhelmed.

♦️ You know what it’s like to be rejected, abandoned and hate yourself.

♦️ You chase the unfair expectations of people who don’t have positive intent for you.

♦️ You know what it is like to recover from trauma and addiction (food, sex and yes, people pleasing).

♦️ You know what it is like get out of domestic issues and have to rebuild yourself from the inside out.

♦️ You know what it’s like to yo-yo, chase diets with self-sabotage.

♦️ You know what it is like to lose weight and become an avid bicyclist.

♦️ You know what it’s like to survive yourself and circumstances you chose were right for you at the time and knowing now they no longer serve a purpose and it’s time to unlearn past conditioning.

To my Lionesses, I hear you and I have overcome all of those obstacles myself; you aren’t alone in this life.

It is important for me to share the tools with you around:

🌻 Healing

🌻 Fight or Flight

🌻 Perseverance

🌻 Grit, Grace & Growth mindset

🌻 Tenacity & Resilience

🌻 Finding Sacred Ecstasy within yourself

🌻 Discernment, Intuition and Finding your North Star

🌻 Self-Acceptance and Self-Trust

🌻 Self Love

🌻 Self Respect

Beside my own personal life experience; I have gone through 22 years of working in Long Term Care from being a CNA (Certified Nurses Aide) to being an Administrator of a Nursing Home. My passion for the elderly runs deep so I became certified as a Certified Dementia Practitioner. I have been a solopreneur for the last 4 years. After the death of my father in 2015, my life drastically changed for the better when I went on a journey to heal my body and wound up healing my "self”, too.

Four years ago, I held vision board workshops and had no idea I was actually coaching so, I became a Certified OOLA Coach. I became a coach as a di

rect result of the toxic relationship I had with my dad as he was emotionally/verbally abusive.

I am extremely passionate about helping women heal and transform from emotional trauma and I want to be the conduit to guide you to massive breakthroughs to live your life full of fun, joy and resilience. Laughter too! You can absolutely heal, learn to set boundaries, live a life on your terms, break the cycles of your past and never go backwards again.

I started coaching not only because of the relationship I had with my dad but, I also wanted to help others like you overcome the obstacles of not feeling like you're enough, build better relationships not only with others but, yourself too! Self-acceptance and healing your life.

It’s my absolute PASSION to help you save yourself because YOU are the one who shows up for yourself to persevere and I want to empower you with the right tools and coaching to thrive in your happiness in life so those are all the things you will see me talking about on my page.

Know that you are Strong. You are Capable and you are WORTHY of the changes you so badly seek.

What are you waiting for? What will it really cost you if you don’t change this time?

When I look back across the timeline of my life, I can see how I co-created this life with the divine. Knowing that I manifested all the mass chaos I was living in and through it all, I was providing an experience for God to see and witness my innate being. It was teaching me lessons and skills for what I do now. I once was angry at life and I blamed people for treating me badly. But now I accept that everything happened for a greater good (even though I didn’t see it at first) and I am beyond grateful for the knowledge and experience I now have to help others from a place of true understanding.

Thank you for being here and I look forward to getti

ng to know you.

If you'd like to explore what working with looks like, message me. My top priority is getting my clients results and the transformation they deserve. 💜💕 It's a beautiful process to be part of.




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