Hello! I'm Angie!

I am a Transformational Intuitive Life Coach helping women get in touch with their most authentic selves, through an intuitive mapping process, intentional vision board experiences and book clubs along with 1:1 and group coaching.

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My Story

Hello!  I'm Angie, I'm a lot like you. I am a mother to my daughter who's a college freshman and recently joined the ranks of the empty nester squad, and a woman trying to figure out how to minimize bitterness, resentment, overwhelm and guilt, and replace them with grace, grit and humor along with a shit ton of self-love and self-acceptance.

Shortly after getting married at 25 to my daughters’ father at 8 months pregnant, I found myself overwhelmed in a world full of unknowns.  The day my daughter was born was same day my then husband was deployed to Dessert Storm four hours after giving birth.   It was bittersweet at best.  He returned home 3 months later.  We stayed married till doing all the things without emotional support became too much and said if I am doing this all on my own, what’s the point of being married? 


For the next 12 years I was a single mom and became completely focused on working up the career ladder.  I have a BA in Business Administration along with 22 years of experience as a Certified Nurses Aide, Medical Assistant, Activity Director, Business Development Director on up ladder to my dream job as an Assisted Living Administrator.


Shortly, after the death of my father in 2015, I yearned for something different. Three months after my dad had passed, I landed my dream job (so I thought).  Quickly realizing I had placed my self-worth onto my dad, in hopes he’d finally be proud of me.  But since he was no longer living the dream job no longer thrilled me like it once did.   


At the height of my awakening in 2017, I had hired my first life coach. I’ll never forget the question she asked me. "What is the one thing you'd like to do?" The reason why that one question was so profound is that I was so pumped to show her my new vision board.  She stated Angie “I’ve never seen you this excited before” “Have you thought about hosting vision board workshops”?  Initially, I told her “NO” I said anyone can do a vision board (so I thought).  At that moment Vision Maps with Angie was born! With over 200+ Vision Board workshops behind my belt, I knew my clients needed more from me!  


I am now a Certified Life Coach.  I believe all my struggles, grief, trauma(s), life’s lessons and experiences has prepared me to do this work.  It is now the premise of what I use to coach my clients. By guiding and empowering women and men alike to get in touch with their most authentic selves, by helping them unlock their potential from unresolved traumas to truly loving themselves first in order to thrive.  As a life coach, this is what I strive to do with you: partner and collaborate together to help others create a new path, forge ahead, and go into the great unknown! It’s a beautiful experience! Let’s do this together.  My clients range from financial planners, creatives, IT professionals, to solo entrepreneurs’ and together, changing the results in their lives, and I couldn’t be prouder of the work I do to impact the world. 

Are you ready to release the things that are keeping you from BEing the "YOU", you want to BE?

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